juin 16, 2018 —

How to increase speed ?

LSZH, PE + MgOH and other viscous compounds extrusion

New technological compounds can be extruded at higher speed with Microdia distributors and tooling.

To solve the problem of speed limitation when extruding low MFI and shear sensitive compounds, Microdia’s engineering engineered the Ecomex cross head family available with electrical heat only or thermostatic heat/cool heating system.


For customers owners of Avantis cross heads, a range of special distributors, tip and dies make it possible the conversion of their existing equipment.


The graphic below shows the difference between standard and high viscosity configuration of an Avantis 20 in terms of pressure and production speed



LSZH Case Study

With the standard Avantis 20 configuration designed to run PVC, PP, PE with enough back pressure to guarantee a good compound mixing in the barrel, the barrel pressure 500 bars limit was making impossible the extrusion of  the customer’s  specially formulated   LSZH  at speed higher than 10 m/min.

The Avantis 20 high viscosity up-grade tool set multiplied by almost 10 the production speed, only limited by the extruder’s capacity.


Chart below shows the relation between pressure and head throughput.

It is interesting to see that the pressure measured at the exit of the barrel rises only from 360 to 420 bars  = 60 bars when the head throughput goes from 160 to 350 kg/h.